Look into the wallet of the average American shopper and you’ll find only about $79 in cash, but several thousand dollars available through credit cards. This is why statistically, shoppers spend more per transaction where credit card processing is available, and are more likely to make impulse and add-on purchases.

Customers are more likely to trust businesses and practices that advertise Visa or MasterCard. On the flip side, 37% of consumers who use cards won’t even patronize businesses who don’t accept them.

The advantages for your business or practice to offer debit and credit card processing are clear. But choosing a merchant services company can be difficult.

Here’s what makes CMS stand out from the rest:

Lowest possible rates

We have a more direct relationship with Visa and MasterCard than the majority of merchant service vendors. This means we can offer the best rates possible with a lifetime guarantee—your rates will only go up if Visa or MasterCard raises the interchange or related fee.

Our relationship also gives us more freedom to find the best solutions for your situation. You can compare what we do to a broker—we do the legwork to find the best fit for your needs, with the best possible rates.

24-hour deposits

Most other merchant service companies offer 48-hour deposits. With CMS, you get your money within a day, so you can move forward faster.

Confidence Guarantee—Our promise to you:

  • Rates never increase (unless Visa or MasterCard raises the interchange or related fee.)
  • Lifetime Terminal Warranty: we’ll repair or replace your terminal within 48 hours
  • Never-ending price match guarantee

Customized to your business

We take time to learn about you and your organization, then find the best, most cost-effective solution to address your needs. Is your average transaction closer to $25, $250, or $2500? We’ll find a situational rate that works best for you. Are you a tax firm, fireworks stand, or produce vendor that depends on seasonal sales? We’ll create a customized solution that’s different than what we recommend for year-round businesses.

Locally owned and operated

We work with customers who are roughly within a 2-hour radius of our Greenville, SC, office. This means if you need help, you won’t be put on hold by someone across the country. We’re able to jump in and get you back up and running right away. We offer technical and customer support 24/7/365.